Welcome to Hike Huskytours Winter Camp!.



(Season start: 23 dec 2023)

At this moment we offer:


Guided sledtours (daylight):

Entire season: tuesday, wednesday, friday, saturday

Holiday weeks (7,8,9) : monday till saturday

• Tour Skorpans Snirkel (ca 10 minutes)

ATTENTION : EXCLUSIVELY for families with children up to 10 years!

Fixed price 850:- (2 adults and 2 children up to 10 years)

Extra person older than 10 years 325:-

Extra person up to 10 years 175:-

• Tour Lazy Lupus Slinga (15-20 minutes) 350:- pp. / 200:- pp children up to 10 years.

Family price: (2 adults + 2 children up 10 years): 1050:-

50 kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 1500:- (min. tour price: 800:-)


• Tour Fenrisulvens Strövstig (25-30 minutes) 450:- pp / 350:- pp children up to 10 years.

 100kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 3500:- (min. tour price: 1100:-)


• Tour Snöälvens Villoväg (ca 40 minutes) 650:- pp / 500:- pp children up to 10 years.

 150kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 5000:- (min. tour price: 1500:-).


• Tour Baltos Track (>50 minutes) 950:- pp / 750:- pp children up to 10 years.

 200kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 6000:- (min. tour price: 2000:-) Please note: limited capacity. This tour is adventurous with an expedition-like feel. This tour is not suited for children under 8 years of age.


Guided sled tours (evening):

Week 1 - 4: tuesday and friday at 16.15 oclock

Week 5 - 9: tuesday and friday at 16.45 oclock

Week 10 - 12: tuesday and friday at 17.15 oclock


• Tour Fenrisulvens Strövstig (25-30 minutes) 750:- pp / 550:- pp children up to 10 years.

 100kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 5500:- (min. tour price: 2000:-)


• Tour Snöälvens Villoväg (ca 40 minutes) 950:- pp / 700:- pp children up to 10 years.

 150kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 7000:- (min. tour price: 2500:-)


• Tour Baltos Track (>50 minutes) limited capacity, minimum age 8 years! Price 1300:- pp / 950:- pp children up to 10 years.

 200kr groupdiscount when the total amount exceeds 9500:- (min. tour price: 2600:-)

Guided snowshoe hikes

Your experienced nature guide shows the way and shares knowledge about animals and nature.

Snowshoes and hiking poles are included and we always start with a short technical review of the


  • Yas: about 1-1½ hours

“Discover Northern Värmlands secret winter life!”

Try snowshoeing on this shorter guided tour through forest and over frozen marshes.

A wonderful nature experience, loaded with information about the survival strategies of plants and

animals in wintertime.

    • Minimum age: 8 years or shoe size: ...
    • Minimum number of participants: 4 persons of which at least 1 person is over 16 years old.
    • Price: sec. SEK 350 pp. incl. (warm) juice + snacks. 

  • Tanana: about 2 ½ hours; please note: a good basic condition is required!

“Winter silence on  Björntjärnmyren”

A longer guided tour that takes you, among other things, through hilly forest terrain and over frozen


We will almost certainly see a lot of fresh animal tracks, maybe even from wolverines wandering about.

During the tour our guests often utter descriptions like “magical winter landscape ,  silence, Narnia, spectacular light show,  mindfulness de luxe”.

  • Minimum age: 10 years, minimum shoe size ...
  • Minimum number of participants: 4 people
  • Price: sec. SEK 500 pp. including (warm) juice + snack at the halfway resting point. 

Guided combitours, dogsled and snowshoehike:

  • Kinok: approximately 2 hours


Gathering with refreshments, instruction, guided snowshoe hike, guided dog sled tour.

Time: from 9.30 to 11.30 or from 13.15 to 15.15

Price from SEK 800 per person, SEK 700 per person up to 10 years of age

  • Minimum number of participants: 4 persons, of which at least 1 person is over 16 years of age.
  • Minimum age: 8 years
  • Minimum shoe size. 

  • Nuka: approximately 4½ hours



10.00 Gathering with refreshments, instruction

10.30 to approximately 12.30 guided snowshoe hike

12.30 to 13.15 lunchtime; bring your own!

13.15 to 14.15 guided dog sled tour

Price from SEK. 1.300 per person

  • Minimum price per tour: SEK 3.000
  • Minimum age: 10 years

For groups of at least 10 people, it is possible to book a so-called wilderness lunch at an extra cost

of SEK 150 per person.


Do you want to extend the experience?

On site there is a cozy hut with a wood stove and a barbecue area with accessories.

Why not end the dogsledding or hiking adventure with a barbecue lunch?

Bring a lunch bag and your own firewood / barbecue charcoal!

Very close by you will also find a sleigh run: diverse equipment is available!


Your stay at Hike Huskytours Wintercamp and taking part in our activities is at your own risk.

Equipment tips for dog sledding / snowshoe hiking:

Shoes: a pair of waterproof hiking boots is the best thing to go for, but if you need a little more

warmth and support, snowboard boots can also be a good option! You can also (and definitely

should) combine these with gaiters to keep the snow off your ankles too. Please note that hard

ski boots are not allowed on our sleds!

Clothing: synthetic base layers/underlayers are comfortable and warm, but they are also

breathable and water resistant, meaning sweat will not be absorbed by the fabric. If you plan to go

for very leisurely walks where you do not sweat much, for example (merino) wool for example will be very comfortable. However, watch out for underwear made of cotton or wool, as they can become moist during the day.


Ski trousers / hiking trousers: usually your ski or snowboard trousers are also suitable for dog sledding and snowshoeing. In snowier conditions, deep loose snow or on colder days, the waterproof and windproof protection these provide is perfect. If, on the other hand, you are hiking on a sunny day in well-trodden tracks and you know you will not get wet or snowy, softshell hiking pants can be a good option. Combined with a good base layer and gaiters, they are often warm enough and will also be more comfortable. Jeans, and cotton in general, are to be avoided!

Midlayer: a midlayer is what you have between your base and jacket. They can range from light

and thin to thick and more padded, so it is important that you check out the different options on your

own before deciding. Fleece is generally an excellent option as a midlayer as it traps

heat, but also breathes thanks to its polyester fabric.

Ski jacket / outdoor jacket: ski jackets are often insulated and provide the best protection against

the elements. But just like you have to make a trade-off between ski pants and softshell, you need

to do the same here too. The downside to a ski jacket is that they can often be somewhat heavier.

And of course: gloves or mittens, hat or cap, scarf and possibly goggles (dog sled), sunglasses

(snowshoes), daypack (snowshoe hiking).





How to book


ONLY via mail! info@hikehuskytours.se

Please supply the following information to get a quick response:


   -  the tour you want

   -  preferred date, and morning or afternoon

   -  number of adults

   -  number of children and their ages

   -  a mobile telephonenumber we can reach you at.


You can also try to call us at +46 70 544 2438, but chances are high that we cannot reply during daytime..






See you soon !

How to find us


From the Branäs Infocenter on Branäsberget:


Drive west for 2,5 km. You will pass among others the exits to Vargen, Björnen and Orren / Aspen.


At the T-crossing 1,6 km from the entrance to Orren/Aspen turn left.  There is a large banner there pointing the way. After 400 meters you will arrive at Hike Huskytours Wintercamp.